First of all let me thank you for taking interest in my work.

Now a formal introduction... My name is Karuna and I am a lawyer by profession. So what about it? Well I've seen many ups and downs in my life. The bad part is it leaves you nowhere but the good part is you take it and move ahead with all the goodness in your heart. So thats it.

The magic of bright part of the world always drives me to follow the right path. Its full of surprises what you see around yourself but what if you could create a part of it yourself. Putting my imagination in front of my eyes is what gives me satisfaction and makes me full of life. and its great to put efforts at what you actually want to do.

I am still on an exploratory journey in art and I love creating interest in my paintings through contrast and texture. I also enjoy being slightly out of control of whatever medium or surface I am using at the time. For me this is an exciting form of experimentation that also includes using different mediums and styles to suit the subject that has inspired me. The sea, the coast and landscapes in the Highlands and moorlands fascinate me – the layers of color and texture that nature gives us is all there when we give ourselves time to look.

With a great support from my family here I am presenting my creativity to the world. I would be delighted if you could take some time and provide your valuable feedback. and in case you want to buy some of my art work you can contact me via this site.

Hope you have a pleasant stay here.